Our Story

“Awareness of risk is critical in today’s environment”

John Koudounis, CEO Mizuho Securities USA

Words From CEO

‘These days, it is not always a good idea to go after the “big trade”. A
successful business is one that takes the right side when it comes to any
trade off, keeping all emotions, mental boundaries and glittering offers aside.

With our team of market professionals, JSATTS has taken it upon itself to
carve a path where business meets product at the right time, cost, quality
and quantity.’
– Muhammad Jiyad Shaikh, CEO, JSATTS


Our Vision

‘JSATTS is built on the principles of trust, genuineness, honesty and
candor. Our vision is to enable our esteemed clients to get quality products
at the most convenient and market competitive terms.
We wish to create a clear atmosphere in terms of business ethics where the
real beneficiary for each product is the end customer which in turn is a winwin scenario for traders and business owners.’
– Arsalan Qasim, COO, JSATTS